Find, know or own an attractive location

We are looking nationwide for real estate for advertising space.

If you are the owner of a plot of land or a property in a good location with through traffic, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to advise you on your income options.

If you have found an attractive location and are not the owner yourself, we will pay you a one-time brokerage commission of up to EUR 250 gross if the implementation is successful.


Pictures from the location

Please take meaningful photos from different angles. Images from the perspective of a car driver or pedestrian from two directions can be helpful in assessing the situation. A close-up shot (around 5 meters) and a long distance shot (around 25 meters) can also be useful.


Contact us

Our independent agency is responsible for fair advice and worry-free processing.

Contact us if you would like to offer an advertising space location. We are happy to help. Secure your rental income or your commission. You can contact us by phone, email or the easiest way to use the registration form.


Plan details

We analyze the location for the advertising space for you and plan the placement and construction.

In a personal conversation with the owner, we determine the individual steps of the procedure. Then we take care of the building permit and the construction of the advertising system. We also deal with the mediation of advertising space to advertisers.

There are no costs for you. On the contrary, depending on the location and size of the advertising space, you can achieve four-figure rental income per year.


Construction and rental income

After the successful installation of the advertising space, you will secure a guaranteed rental income.

You don’t have to worry about maintaining the advertising space.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Yes of course. If you have found an attractive location and are not the owner yourself, we will pay you a one-time brokerage commission of up to EUR 250 gross if the implementation is successful.

For you as the owner of the property or the property or the agent for the location of the advertising space, there are no costs. We cover the costs for the building permit and installation.

With illuminated advertising media, you incur electricity or energy costs depending on the size of the advertising space. Therefore we will reimburse you a flat rate of 100 € per page. This will cover your costs. Here you will find an exact cost calculation.

An intermediate meter can be installed to measure energy costs

We will reimburse you a flat rate of 100 euros in energy costs per page. The actual costs are around 82 euros. Please click here to open a detailed calculation.

Yes. Intermediate counters can also be agreed. The installation of an intermediate meter is free of charge for you.

The rental income is between 500-4000 euros per year, depending on the type of advertising system.

In addition, the level of rental income is location-dependent and varies according to the frequency of the street.

Each location must be evaluated individually and checked on site. Meaningful images from different perspectives are often sufficient for the assessment.

The rent is paid quarterly after the system has been set up. Depending on the contractual stipulations, a monthly rent or an annual payment can also be agreed.

We completely take over the construction and maintenance of the system. There is no effort for you.

As a rule, the duration of the rental contracts is agreed as follows:

– 10 years for the City-Star facility

– 5 years for illuminated or non-illuminated systems

– 5 years for sandwich system

However, after consultation, individual contracts can be designed individually.

Product blocks can be contractually agreed. Depending on your needs, you can prevent certain categories or products from being advertised on your property.

Yes of course. On-site appointments can be arranged with our sales representatives. We are happy to help.

You can contact us by email or using the contact form.

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